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A Guide to Chicago

The old Chicago of belching smokestacks and brawling politicians has given way to world-class museums, architecture, restaurants, hotels and theatres, but it still has the character that earned it the title as the most American of American cities.

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A Guide to Cancun

On the easternmost tip of Yucatán, reflections of a turquoise sea merge with echoes of a Mayan past. The sea’s treasures, the land’s delights… The largest hotel boom in recent years, linked to the charm of the Caribbean. Cancún: Mexico’s exotic Eden.

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A Guide to London

World-class fashion and theatre, unrivalled music and clubbing, and a stunning, eclectic array of bars and restaurants are all wrapped up in a city built on historical grandeur. London is chic, royal, cutting-edge, ever-changing and always fascinating.

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Fall getaway: Explore outdoor

Calgary, AB Get up and get out in and around this Alberta town, known more for its Stampede than its sports. Toronto, ON Despite the concrete jungle of the city’s downtown, the 6 has a lot to offer when it comes to getting some fresh air.        Vancouver, BC Go west for land…

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Fall getaway: History / Culture

Fredericton, NB A New Brunswick gem, this capital city is rich with Loyalist history and committed to keeping it alive. Ottawa, ON The nation’s capital is more than a long canal and some Beaver Tails. Take a look, way back, and explore.         Yukon, NWT Go north and be blown away by…

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Fall getaway : Food / Wine

Halifax, NS Go east for good wine, great food and generous hospitality. Quebec City, QC With streets steeped in history and innovation, it’s no wonder Quebec City offers the best of old and new for a foodie’s palate.         Saskatoon, SK Dubbed the Paris of the Prairies, this Saskatchewan city is making…

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